We are committed to Awakening the Soul of Business through Awakened Stealth Leadership, Employee Engagement and Social Mission.
Our programs are uniquely designed to open up into a new way of being in business so that you may unleash your ultimate impact on the world.
Soulify Consultants offers tailored programs for leaders, teams and organisations including;

• Effective leadership skills and increased self-confidence amongst management and employees
• Higher Employee Engagement and Retention
• Improved Work Place Culture
• Increased Productivity and Profitability
• Greater Consumer confidence
• A higher degree of influence in the community

Through research, development and experience Andrea Putting and Professor (Dr) Som Saini  have created programs designed to grow leadership, develop community and unleash the ultimate impact of the organisational community.

Working with us

These purposeful processes are about creating a sustainable organisation or group culture into the future that is always discovering, experimenting and living into new forms of purpose and growth. It is about creating an adaptive culture that is continually shaped and unfolds in multiple contexts and in multiple ways. It is not about replacing one static model with another.

At the heart of any coaching relationship is trust. In a series of one-to-one meetings, in person, by phone, or via video conference, we will work with you to identify and focus on your business goals and overcome barriers to growth and change. Between meetings, homework is assigned to help meet goals and overcome challenges. The frequency of meetings and check-ins is usually agreed to in advance, and varies from once a month to weekly.


 Andrea Putting

As a Speaker and Business Soul Mentor, with over 30 years’ experience in leadership in business, community and church, Andrea has gained great insights into what engages individuals and teams and how to take them to their highest future potential. Combining together her natural Business aptitude, Naturopathic qualifications and experience as a Pastor, Andrea has developed a wholistic approach to business and success. Her work takes leaders and their teams on a soulful journey “Beyond the Why” where people connect to the purpose and passion that inspires unstoppable action and unleashes their Ultimate Impact on the world.



Professor (Dr) Som Saini

Som is a highly qualified management professional, consultant and an expert in the space of employee engagement and leadership development having completed a PhD research in “Employee Engagement for Organizational Effectiveness”.  Som has over four decades corporate and consulting experience in Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Automobile, Engineering and Consultancy.  Other areas of his expertise include Change Management, Performance Management, Organisation Culture and other HR areas. As a trained Yoga Teacher, he firmly believes in Wellness and that each and every individual can be brought in the ‘highly engaged’ category.