An Organisation that Connects with its Soul Transcends All Others.

Can you image a workplace where everyone enjoys work? Where employees can bring their whole selves – body, mind and soul into the workplace; Employees who are passionate and motivated about their work. Where ideas flow and grow. Imagine a business that rediscovers inspiration and hope in their relationship with one another, their customers, their suppliers and all stakeholders. This is more than just a workplace, it becomes a living growing community that really touches lives, makes a difference, and a profit, of course. This is the “Power of the Soul” in the workplace.

When a team works together on connecting with what the true soul purpose of the business is, they are able to deepen their commitment to their personal work within the business AND to the business. Through an experience of sharing and diving in deep with stories and experiences, together we start to Awaken the Soul of the Business. You start to discover that this is more than just a place where people work, it has become a place that offers an opportunity for people to find a sense of belonging, purpose and fulfillment. Following from this comes a renewal of the business in a new way.

In this workshop the following will unfold:

The true Soul Purpose of the Business
Values that are truly represented by your business, day in and day out.
“Principles of Excellence” that speak to your people
New ideas and concepts to develop
Greater unity and purpose amongst employees & management
Here is where a business touches lives, changes attitudes and transcends what business is all about.

Here your business opens the doors to having its Ultimate Impact on the world.